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Moving Price Comparison

Before choosing a moving company it is recommended to perform a moving price comparison. It is very important to compare moving prices however not just that try to compare online reputation which is very important.
start by searching for local movers in you area, it is always recommended to get prices from nearby movers.
compare by getting those movers provide their moving prices based on the same inventory list. It is always a good idea to get your moving quote to be a guaranteed moving quote, by getting a guaranteed price you can avoid surprises later.

comparing movers should be done using a moving price comparison table that contains information about your movers, include the below information in your comparison:

  • mover rating in Yelp
  • Mover rating with Google review
  • Mover binding price

add more data as you see fit to help you compare.

Moving Price Comparison

try to get your potential moving company to visit your home and provide in-house moving quote. trust your instincts and choose based on this also. It is a known fact that in-house prices are safer and more accurate. we suggest to avoid moving brokers that are in the business to sale and transfer your business to another company.

Usually when one of the prices is extremely low you may want to investigate further or not to use this mover at all. make sure all movers will know how much you plan to pack by your self and what you expect them to pack. Packing costs may raise your final moving price considerably.


Moving Valuables

Moving valuables such as electronic equipment, antiques, jewelry and even items of sentimental value may need a higher level of care and attention from both you and your mover.
Let’s start with the basics. The most important thing is to handle documents such as birth certificates, degrees, bills, insurance documents, check books, credit cards and so forth. The safest way for you to go is to concentrate all such important documents in one or two crates or boxes and to mark them down as extremely important so that the movers will place them in such a way that will be easiest for you to locate quickly. Remember, you may need some of these documents as soon as you receive your delivery, it may be difficult to locate one box in a hurry so be sure to mention that to your mover in advance.

Lets move on to electronic equipment. Most movers will charge you for packing electronic equipment such as computers, stereo systems, televisions, DVD players etc. If you decided to pack your electronic equipment yourself your best bet is to use the original boxes. If you do not have the original boxes try to locate boxes that are close in size. Packing an electronic devise in a box that is twice its size is a bad idea and a recipe for damages. Try to use bubble wrap to protect your electronic devices before placing them in a a box. Use extra layers on screens and other fragile parts.

If you own antiques you may want to consider to allow a professional mover to pack and handle them. Some antiques can be very fragile and require an expert’s knowledge in order to move safely. When it comes to antiques it is difficult to provide general advice as each piece may require a different level of handling. Don’t hesitate to consult with your movers if you have doubts about the way in which your antiques need to be handled.

Create a list of valuable items and hand it to your movers before the pick up takes place. Doing this will help you in several ways. First of all it will allow your mover to prepare better for the move and to know exactly what to expect. It will also allow them to bring the packing materials that they need in order to handle antiques or unusual items. Creating such a list will also help you if you decided to purchase additional insurance for your move. Third party insurance companies will require you to provide them with such a list of items and you will also be required to state the specific value of antiques, electronic equipment etc. It’s a good idea to check with your home insurers if they cover damages and losses that mat occur during a move.

The easiest way to protect valuables such as jewelry, laptops and personal documentation such as passports is to carry them yourself. Whether you are driving or flying to your destination, you can always carry your most important valuables with you and we highly recommend for you to do that.

Our last recommendation is to prepare for the move in advance and not leave the handling of valuables to the last minute. At the day of the move pressure and time limitations may cause you to make the wrong choices so prepare in advance and invest some thought in protecting your valuables.

Packing Materials Advice

Packing and Packing materials

It is very important to understand how to prepare your goods, boxes and breakables for the movers if you have decided to pack your goods yourself.
Here is a small checklist and packing materials advice of what you will need before beginning to pack your goods: boxes of various sizes, tape, scissors, white paper, bubble wrap, labels or markers for marking breakables.
If you have decided to pack your own goods the movers will presume you will be responsible for the packing of the following: electronic equipment, breakables, glass parts and surfaces, mattresses, glass tops, boxes, kitchenware.
One more packing material advice is to pack electronic equipment you must prepare boxes of appropriate sizes. Once you place your electronic equipment (TV, DVD, VCR etc.) inside the box make sure to fill in all spaces with white paper. It is recommended to wrap televisions with bubble wrap before placing them inside the box so that the screen will not get scratched of damaged.
Try to avoid packing in oversized boxes which will become too heavy and unsafe.
Wrap all glass tops, marble tops, glass shelves, exposed glass surfaces etc. with bubble wrap. It is recommended to place glass or marble tops in boxes or to cut cardboard and tape in on the glass or marble tops.
Try to be as thorough as you can. Go room by room and mark down all the items that has glass parts, glass shelves etc. Use a box cutter to cut cardboard and place it on bubble wrapped glass and marble tops and on the screen of your television. Make sure you bubble wrap your computer and television screen before placing them in a box or cardboard crating the.
If you want to pack your mattresses yourself be sure to purchase appropriate sized mattress boxes and lace both your mattress and box spring inside.
When you are done with doing your own packing, if there are items of which you are unsure or do not have the proper materials to pack, be sure to call your mover and ask to get a price for packing these specific items.
Prepare a list of al electronic equipment, glass parts etc. which you have not packed yourself and ask your mover to include packing for these items in the price of the move.
You can purchase packing materials in advance from one of guaranteed price moving’s affiliated by clicking on the packing materials link in our website.

Find a moving company

To find a moving company is a very easy job, but to find the right one for you might take some research. In the internet age there are many moving companies that pop up like mushrooms after the rain. You should do some research before choosing the right moving company and your moving price; otherwise you might end up being that story on the news. To find a moving company you should first know the zip codes of where you moving from and to. Also bare in mind that calling moving companies too much in advance can just make you get the wrong information because the moving industry is ever changing according to market changes (fuel prices, season, etc.). The best time to call is about 3-4 weeks in advance. Also make a list of the things you plan to move. If you plan to sell few of your items and not sure if you will, better to over estimate and then remove the items from the list and be happily surprised from the price going down then the other way, price is going up. Up next is to read about the moving industry and about moving companies. We can suggest that in order to find a moving company, the “good” ones, you should make sure the companies you are considering are licensed and insured. Moreover, check their membership record with the Better Business Bureau. A company that is not a member should not be even considered. It is a good idea to call at least three companies and compare all the details. Make sure all moving companies are getting the same inventory and that they are all answering your needs of packing and unpacking, disassembling, flight of stairs, and any long carry. Find a moving company that make you feel comfortable and at ease, and trust your instincts.

More Moving Tips

We Had Created A List Of More Moving Tips For You To Use.


  • Painting used furniture will help to create a comfortable environment that will suit the look and feel of your new home.
  • After the move make sure that all the electrical appliances return to room temperature before plugging them in.
  • Try to flatten your moving boxes for recycling purposes; it’s both environmentally friendly and effective.
  • Try to wipe out all cupboards and shelves before unpacking, use shelving paper for cupboards and drawers.
  • Using cinnamon sticks will give your kitchen a clean and fresh scent. Before you move, remember to tape your microwave shut and remove the glass plate from inside.
  • Try to sell or donate items of furniture that are not in use, have a friend or a relative help you with objective advise when deciding which items of furniture to discard and which to keep.
  • To save time, try to clean your belongings before the move, it will help you settle into your new home.
  • More helpful moving tips to remember are if you have decided to hire a professional mover remember that doing your own packing will help to keep the cost of the move low.
  • Try to purchase packing boxes in advance.
  • At the day of the move time is of the essence! Try to prepare and save time in advance.
  • Did you know that a emptying a waterbed would take about two hours? This is just an example; remember, the more you prepare in advance, the shorter your move will be.
  • You can look back with nostalgia on the events of moving day; prepare a video or a photo album of your old home and of the moving process.
  • Remember to update your new billing information with the changes resulting you’re your move.
  • Make sure you schedule with your moving company enough time in advance, that way you can make sure they have availability for the day in which you want to move.
  • Give the gas, water and electricity companies several days of prior notice for disconnecting and reconnecting their services. Remember to contact the utility companies for specific details.
  • Be ready to order food or eat out on the first couple of nights in your new house. Even if you won’t feel too tired to cook, your kitchen appliances will still be packed away.
  • Dispose of unused frozen foods and don’t try to freeze them again after they have been thawed.
  • Plant self-seeding perennials to add color to your new garden.
  • Find out what facilities, services and events are available in your new neighborhood by checking your newspaper.
  • List your property on the Internet; you can attract many potential buyers using the strong real estate presence on the web.
  • Create a homely atmosphere by baking bread and brewing a pot of coffee before opening your house for inspection. Check out where TV, phone and Internet connections are located when inspecting properties.
  • Remember to do as much research as you can; talking to neighbors or visiting close by shops can help; the more first hand knowledge you have of a new area, the better.
  • Don’t forget to measure the space available for appliances when inspecting properties.
  • Consider using a safety deposit box for placing irreplaceable items and documents such as deeds, jewelry, photographs and home videos while you move.
  • Check your homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if they cover your belongings while in transit.
  • Useful moving tips for moving furniture, in particular a couch, it can be moved into your new home more easily by standing it on end and twisting it through the doorway.
  • Having a friend or a relative acting as a message center at the day of the move can be very helpful if you don’t have a mobile phone.
  • Remember to prevent access for young children to pools and spas that can hold water by using appropriate barriers.
  • Consider your current work situation and remember how important it is to live close to where you work when purchasing new property.
  • Compare the measurements of the doorways and hallways of the old home and the new home to see if all items of furniture will fit.
  • Play music that you enjoy when packing and unpacking, it will help make the process more enjoyable.
  • Consider having a garage sale to get rid of unnecessary and unused items. When holding a garage sale, decide in advance whether you will negotiate prices, or fix them.
  • There are a number of moving tips to remember prior to the move:
  • Use different colored tags to indicate which one of your items of furniture goes to every specific location.
  • Improve the security in your home; this will give you peace of mind and can help you to lower your insurance premiums.
  • Remember to settle all your bills a few days before your move.
  • Contact your post office and fill out forwarding address forms.
  • Leave a welcome card with your new forwarding address for the people that move into your old home, that way they can redirect your mail to your new address.
  • Make sure that you clarify to prospective buyers what is included with the property.
  • Specify regarding appliances, window treatments, rugs, etc. Remember to shut and lock all windows and doors as you leave your old residence at the day of the move.
  • Assign specific duties to your workers on moving day; when everyone knows hat they are doing the workload is lighter.
  • If you have plants or pets to move inquire whether the mover can help you transport them.
  • Use wall hangings, cushions, and rugs to adapt the color scheme of your new home.
  • Use up your food items before the move. There be less to and you will avoid the risk of food spoilage.
  • If you are not completely happy with your new home on the day you move in keep in mind that it can be adapted over time to suit your tastes and preferences.
  • Book moving services well ahead to secure your preferable moving date.
  • Plan your budget for the move carefully. Take into consideration unexpected expenses, appliances, and lost items.
  • Pack items that will be eventually stored in a garage, a storage facility, or shed in stackable containers that are rodent and dust proof. A well planned move considering our moving tips should ensure a stress free, enjoyable move,


For more moving tip get our moving guide


Looking For A Cheap Moving Price

Many people who are planning to move soon are making the common mistake of looking for a cheap moving price available believing that this is the right way to save money.  We at Guaranteed Price Moving would like to share with you the years of knowledge and experience accumulated on the field. There will be unscrupulous so called moving companies that will be ready to provide you with a low moving quote in the hope of winning your business.  In order to protect your self from becoming the next person being “cheated” from your hard earned money. The way to approach this is getting guaranteed moving prices from at least three movers. Avoid looking for a cheap moving price to avoid scam.

Looking For A Cheap Moving Price

The steps to take are

  • Prepare a detailed inventory list of the items you plan to move with you.
  • Do not hesitate to let go of furniture you believe that you do not really need.
  • Over estimate the number of moving boxes for your move, at least 15 boxes per person plus 15-50 boxes for your kitchen depends on its’ size.
  • Use the list in getting your binding moving prices.
  • make sure that your moving quotes contain the list of items to moved embedded in the offer.

Moving Prices Explained

 There are three kinds of long distance moving prices that you can receive. Understanding how movers will price your move is very important and may save you misunderstandings and time later. Moving companies will use different ways to give you moving prices here moving prices explained in order to help you avoid issues for your move.we have gathered the kinds of prices you can receive to assist you in understanding all the moving prices available. 1. Moving prices by weight: this way your move price will be calculated by the total weight of your shipment. The moving truck will be weighted before and after it is loaded to determine the price of the move. The final price will be determined only after the movers finish loading the truck. 2.

moving prices explained

Moving prices by cubic feet (space): some movers will provide moving prices based on the space your shipment will take on their truck. Moving companies will provide a price per cubic feet and only after the truck has been loaded the space will measured and a final price will provided to you. 3. Flat Guaranteed moving prices: this is a moving price that is provided to you before your moving day. Moving companies will use your inventory list to calculate a binding moving price for your move that will include the moving services you require. Binding moving prices require you to do some work before the move in order to make sure that a complete list of items to be moved will be provided to all the movers. Our company can provide you with a guaranteed price that will include the total items and services you will require. Our binding moving price is accurate based on your inventory list and other services you will tell us you need.

When you begin searching for moving companies many of the results found are horror moving stories that may add to the existing stress before moving. If the right percussion and perpetration and with your moving prices explained by us you can avoid becoming part of that statistics. Make sure you approach licensed moving companies and get moving quotes that are guaranteed and binding.

There are many ways to price a move but the main three are getting a price by weight, getting a price by volume or getting a binding offer. The binding moving price is a good way to make sure to avoid surprises. Make sure that your moving company take an accurate inventory list of your item to be moved. Read that moving inventory list and compare it to the actual list you plan to move. Do not hope that items missed, small or large, will be missed by the movers and will not affect your moving price. The added items will add to the price.

Moving with dogs

Helping your dog, and moving with dogs, handle the stress of relocating. Surviving moving with dogsIt is important to remember that first and foremost what makes your dog feel at home is being around you. Dogs feel safe and protected when their owner is close to them and will handle moving to a new house with ease if they are allowed to remain close to you as much as possible. When unpacking in the new house try to keep the dog’s favorite bed around and unpack it first. Try to spread some of the dog’s favorite toys in the house and place his food and water bowls in place. This will cause the dog to feel at home and if he is allowed to remain beside you most chances are he will adjust to the new environment in no time. Do not act stressed! Remember that dogs look up to you. If you are nervous and hesitant, the dog will be nervous and hesitant. Show the dog around in a cheerful voice, using a high pitch. Behave normally with your dog, do not forbid him to do things that he is normally allowed to do and on the other hand do not over-spoil him and allow him to misbehave. Dogs are creatures of habit and any changes in your attitude towards them may cause them stress. If you feel unsure about how your dog is reacting to his new environment don’t hesitate and contact a dog behavior specialist.

Moving With Dogs

Moving Price To Canada

Moving to Canada is considered an international move even though it very close in transit time and mostly done by ground. When planing a move to Canada you should plan ahead and get ready well in advance. Few months before the move start by compiling a list of the items that you plan to take with you. This is a great opportunity to get rid of things you do not really need either by donating or throwing away. Once you are done with this list contact movers that are licensed to move to Canada and provide them with your inventory list. Try to get a binding moving price to Canada, that will allow you to compare the movers. If one or more of the moving prices to Canada stand out is being much cheaper than all the others it may be a price that will end up being very expensive. Ask many questions and make sure there are no hidden fees for other obvious services. Check if there are any added costs for crossing the border. So for your next moving to Canada visit us again soon for additional moving guides. Moving to Canada is an opportunity to donate and minimize the quantity of items to be moved. his is a sure way to save on costs moving to Canada.


Try to pack as much as you can before your move. The more you pack the less your your moving price to Canada is going to be.

Finding the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

How can you find the cheapest way to move long distance and still secure the services of a reputable company? Is it possible to move on a shoestring budget without having to deal with crooked movers that will try to inflate your price?

Let’s take a look at how you can compare and select prices in order to determine the cheapest way to move long distance.

Selecting and Comparing Long Distance Estimates

  • Consider only offers you received from licensed and established companies with a local headquarters in your area.
  • Don’t consider cheap offers you received over the phone and insist on a representative coming over to your house to provide you with a written offer.
  • If the price is not binding, you need to compare the basic charge unit which is the rate per pound or the rate per cubic foot.
  • Ask about packing and packing material charges.
  • Request a list of possible added fees to avoid hidden charges on the moving date.

Determining the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

  • Prefer the cheapest binding, not to exceed estimate that you received following an on site estimate.
  • Insist on getting the packing charges in advance as part of your written estimate.
  • If the estimate is non-binding compare the basic charge units various service providers offer you, as well as any other possible fees.
  • Some moving companies may offer you better terms if you are flexible with your pick up and delivery dates. Check if your mover will be able to offer you a discounted rate in return for more flexibility on your end regarding delivery.
  • Unless you are dealing with an established company which is licensed and reputable, the estimate you received can and probably will change on the moving date.