Cheap Moving Company

The Risks In Choosing A Cheap Moving Company

There are several ways in which you can considerably lower the cost of your coming move. The first and foremost way is to pack as much as you can yourself that will help make your moving price affordable. Even a cheap moving company will charge a lot for packing. The reason this will reduce the price of the move is simply because most, if not all, moving companies will charge you for packing services such as packing your electronic equipment, glass items and glass parts etc. Buying your own boxes in advance and packing them yourself will decrease your expected relocation expenses. The boxes will be less expensive and you will not need to pay for the labor of the packing. You can use the links provided on our website to purchase moving boxes kits that can be delivered to your doorstep. Begin packing a long time in advance, that will help you avoid a situation where you will find yourself lacking the time needed for the actual packing time in the days that precede the move.

Other than packing a thorough research about the rates and terms of service that the moving companies offer can also help you reduce your relocation cost. Make sure you compare apples to apples. If you receive a price based on weight be sure to check the actual rate per pound that the movers are offering you and also try to make sure that there are no hidden fees that will be added to it. Some companies will add a hefty fuel surcharge on top of the actual rate per pound. Be sure to re-calculate the actual rate per pound with the fuel surcharge added to it. For example if the company gives you a $1 per pound rate and in a remark writes that there is a ten percent fuel surcharge, then the actual rate per pound they are offering you is $1.10. Make sure all the companies give you an estimate for the same amount of weight. If you are receiving a binding price make sure all movers work with the same exact inventory and create an inventory list that is as thorough as possible. The comparison methods described above will help you find the most cost effective price, assuming, of course, that the companies you researched are reputable and in good standing with the better business bureau.


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