Finding the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

How can you find the cheapest way to move long distance and still secure the services of a reputable company? Is it possible to move on a shoestring budget without having to deal with crooked movers that will try to inflate your price?

Let’s take a look at how you can compare and select prices in order to determine the cheapest way to move long distance.

Selecting and Comparing Long Distance Estimates

  • Consider only offers you received from licensed and established companies with a local headquarters in your area.
  • Don’t consider cheap offers you received over the phone and insist on a representative coming over to your house to provide you with a written offer.
  • If the price is not binding, you need to compare the basic charge unit which is the rate per pound or the rate per cubic foot.
  • Ask about packing and packing material charges.
  • Request a list of possible added fees to avoid hidden charges on the moving date.

Determining the Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

  • Prefer the cheapest binding, not to exceed estimate that you received following an on site estimate.
  • Insist on getting the packing charges in advance as part of your written estimate.
  • If the estimate is non-binding compare the basic charge units various service providers offer you, as well as any other possible fees.
  • Some moving companies may offer you better terms if you are flexible with your pick up and delivery dates. Check if your mover will be able to offer you a discounted rate in return for more flexibility on your end regarding delivery.
  • Unless you are dealing with an established company which is licensed and reputable, the estimate you received can and probably will change on the moving date.