Company Moving Quote

How to compare a Flat Guaranteed Moving Price to other Company Moving Quote. Our company moving quote can offer a flat moving prices based on your itemized list. Whereas other companies give estimates based on weight or cubic feet, Guaranteed Price Moving can provide flat prices using a unique and fail safe pricing system.

In case you want to compare a flat guaranteed price to estimates other companies provide you with here are some helpful tips:

Many people make the mistake of looking only at the bottom line price of their estimate and choose the lowest of the bids that they receive for their moves. What most people do not know is that some companies provide very cheap prices that are misleading and that can change at the day of the move to extremely high figures. Therefore, it is important not only to look at the bottom line total of your estimate but also to fully understand the terms and conditions the moving company provides you with.
First of all make sure that you understand what system the mover is using: weight or cubic foot. Make sure you know what price per pound or per cubic feet the mover applies towards your price. Only when you understand what that basic charge unit is can you know if a mover is cheap or expensive. Some movers can lower the amount of weight or cubic feet they apply towards your estimate but use a high charge unit. The result is a cheap estimate with a high charge unit, which means at the day of the move your price can even double or triple as the mover will apply the charge unit towards your actual weight or space.

Check for fuel surcharges. Some companies will charge as much as 15% extra with fuel and diesel surcharges. Their estimates may appear cheap but they actually do not include the fuel surcharges.

Make sure the movers do not charge for blankets or tape. Blankets are applied to wrap every single item of furniture you have and tapes are applied to secure them. Some movers charge as much as $20 per blanket rental and use dozens of blankets and an excessive amount of tape. This can add hundreds of dollars to your price and is not mentioned in your estimate.

Make sure you ask every mover all of the above questions in order to protect yourself and do not forget to check the Better Business Bureau record of all movers you deal with to avoid scammers. Finding a cheap moving company is not the best solution but its possible to find moving companies with affordable prices. Thank you for your interest in Guaranteed Price Moving. We hope to hear from you soon! We will be happy to provide you with our company moving quote.