Find a moving company

To find a moving company is a very easy job, but to find the right one for you might take some research. In the internet age there are many moving companies that pop up like mushrooms after the rain. You should do some research before choosing the right moving company and your moving price; otherwise you might end up being that story on the news. To find a moving company you should first know the zip codes of where you moving from and to. Also bare in mind that calling moving companies too much in advance can just make you get the wrong information because the moving industry is ever changing according to market changes (fuel prices, season, etc.). The best time to call is about 3-4 weeks in advance. Also make a list of the things you plan to move. If you plan to sell few of your items and not sure if you will, better to over estimate and then remove the items from the list and be happily surprised from the price going down then the other way, price is going up. Up next is to read about the moving industry and about moving companies. We can suggest that in order to find a moving company, the “good” ones, you should make sure the companies you are considering are licensed and insured. Moreover, check their membership record with the Better Business Bureau. A company that is not a member should not be even considered. It is a good idea to call at least three companies and compare all the details. Make sure all moving companies are getting the same inventory and that they are all answering your needs of packing and unpacking, disassembling, flight of stairs, and any long carry. Find a moving company that make you feel comfortable and at ease, and trust your instincts.