How to Choose Your Moving Company

Once you have made the price comparisons between all movers and made sure you understood what pricing system they use – cubic foot, weight or flat guaranteed price, its time to learn how to choose your moving company (see previous article).

Before making that important decision make sure that you have covered every aspect of your relocation process with the moving companies. The more details the mover provides you with the better, that way you will not be surprised by hidden costs at the day of the move.
Make sure you receive written confirmations and contracts from your mover, an oral promise is not good enough and all aspects of your relocation process should be presented to you in writing.

Make sure you have checked and compared the reputation of all the companies you spoke with. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent place to check a mover’s reputation. We highly recommend that you do not choose a moving company that has an excessive amount of complaints.

Choose a company with a relocation consultant that you have a good communication with. Your relocation consultant is your contact in case of move date changes, inventory upgrades etc. Don’t choose a company with a consultant you do not feel completely comfortable with. Make sure your consultant is knowledgeable about all aspects of your move and answers all your questions clearly. In most cases, knowledgeable consultants mean a trustworthy and customer service oriented company.

Finally, we again encourage you to choose a moving company that offers you a flat guaranteed price like the one that we can provide you with.