Long Distance Moving Companies

Once you have decided to move from your residence to a new place Guaranteed Price Moving is the best place to be. We offer all the information you need to make it easy to choose the right long distance moving company. The phone book and the internet have a wide range of long distance moving companies.

Most companies offer the same services but the way they price it (their services) is different from company to company. Moreover, the level, professionalism, and dependability can also be varied from one company to another.

long distance moving companies

There are three basic methods for pricing long distance moving; one is by weight, second is by cubic feet, and third by guaranteed price (flat price). The first, by weight is when long distance companies weight the truck empty and full, the difference between the two is the weight of your shipment. If you choose to go with this pricing method be sure to insist of getting a receipt of both weighting of the truck. You should be aware that with this method the price you’ll get before your moving date will be an ESTIMTE, which means that it will change. Usually long distance companies tend to under estimate weights because for example one can have a wood bookshelf that weigh 300 pounds and another that a metal one that weight 200 ponds and the industry uses and average of weights for each furniture and box. With the weight system also packing of fragile is not included, and some companies have other extra charges like fuel, taxes and toll which make that method unfavorable because you are prone to surprises with the price and extra charges. Second method – cubic feet is when a long distance moving companies charge by the space your shipment takes in the truck. With this way of charging, it is too an ESTIME that you will get. Each item on your inventory have an average cubic feet guide that most long distance moving companies go by, which once again leaves you vulnerable to surprises at the day of the move. Also, if you choose unprofessional moving company, that doesn’t have the experience in arranging your stuff in a space saving way, you will pay more. Do not forget in addition to the cubic feet estimate, to find out the extra charges. Third method – guaranteed price, one flat price that includes it all. Long distance moving companies that use this pricing method will make sure to get from you as much detailed information as possible about your moving needs. You will be ask for comprehensive inventory list, what are your packing needs and will includes all “extra” charges right into one price. That price will be guaranteed in writing. Please do not hesitate and think that on the first call you have to know everything that you are moving. Like in any of the other two methods that you can make changes, with the guaranteed price method, up to a day before your move you can do any necessary change, and still know your final guaranteed price. With this method the benefit is obvious – no estimate but ONE PRICE, NO SURPRISES. You can prepare efficiently for your move, saving yourself from one more thing to be stressful about. No matter what method you choose to price your long distance moving needs, our advice is – Have all the information you are getting sent to you in writing.