Long Distance Moving Price

Getting a long distance moving price may seem like an impossible mission. So many moving companies out there, so many options, and endless prices. In the problematic world of the moving industry today the best way to avoid surprises is to receive a guaranteed moving price. It means that based on the information you provide the moving companies you will receive a binding price. Getting a binding price may help you avoid surprises and problems at the day of your upcoming move. Sometimes as consumers we have the tendency to choose the cheapest bottom line price offer out there. When choosing the cheapest looking price all we do is risking ending up with the most unscrupulous mover. When choosing a moving company we should understand how prices are calculated, how the mover calculated the price provided and based on what units, cubic feet, weight, linear feet, or other. Only when you know how the moving price quote was calculated you will be able to decide which company provided the best offer, once you collected the prices that seems most fitting your budget its time for some research. There are some bad moving companies out there and it’s a good idea to research and check their records. The internet is full of junk information so the best place to check is in the Better Business Bureau website www.bbb.org .

Moving prices may vary and when it comes to avoid surprises at the day of your move the best option is to receive a flat, final, binding moving price. A binding price is a price calculated based on the information provided the moving company that is guaranteed not to change at your moving date. When receiving a binding price you are protecting yourself from surprises at the day of your move. It may seem that a binding moving price is higher then the average “estimate”, this is only because a binding price is a price that will not change at the day of the move and an estimate, as the name suggest is an approximation that may change considerably at the day of your move


So to summarize


  • Many companies will provide general estimates and some of them will be looking very cheap. Those cheap looking prices should be handled carefully to avoid choosing the wrong company
  • It’s a good idea to receive a binding price and that way at the day of the move you will avoid surprises.
  • Binding prices might look more expensive but they are not. Binding prices are just more accurate.
  • Its recommended to provide a detailed inventory list to all considered moving companies and to receive binding moving prices fro them.
  • Once you are done with getting prices check the reputation of the moving companies.
  • The internet is full with junk information so it a good idea to check with the BBB
  • Please remember that Guaranteed Price Moving specializes in providing binding prices. We are so sure of our pricing system that we will try to beat any legitimate flat moving price. Call us check.