Moving Prices Explained

There are three kinds of long distance moving prices that you can receive. Understanding how movers will price your move is very important and may save you misunderstandings and time later. Moving companies will use different ways to give you moving prices explained in various ways; we have gathered the kinds of prices you can receive to assist you in understanding all the moving prices available. 1. Moving prices by weight: this way your move price will be calculated by the total weight of your shipment. The moving truck will be weighted before and after it is loaded to determine the price of the move. The final price will be determined only after the movers finish loading the truck. 2. Moving prices by cubic feet (space): some movers will provide moving prices based on the space your shipment will take on their truck. Moving companies will provide a price per cubic feet and only after the truck has been loaded the space will measured and a final price will provided to you. 3. Flat Guaranteed moving prices: this is a moving price that is provided to you before your moving day. Moving companies will use your inventory list to calculate a binding moving price for your move that will include the moving services you require. Binding moving prices require you to do some work before the move in order to make sure that a complete list of items to be moved will be provided to all the movers. Our company can provide you with a guaranteed price that will include the total items and services you will require. Our binding moving price is accurate based on your inventory list and other services you will tell us you need.