Moving with dogs

Helping your dog, and moving with dogs, handle the stress of relocating. Surviving moving with dogsIt is important to remember that first and foremost what makes your dog feel at home is being around you. Dogs feel safe and protected when their owner is close to them and will handle moving to a new house with ease if they are allowed to remain close to you as much as possible. When unpacking in the new house try to keep the dog’s favorite bed around and unpack it first. Try to spread some of the dog’s favorite toys in the house and place his food and water bowls in place. This will cause the dog to feel at home and if he is allowed to remain beside you most chances are he will adjust to the new environment in no time. Do not act stressed! Remember that dogs look up to you. If you are nervous and hesitant, the dog will be nervous and hesitant. Show the dog around in a cheerful voice, using a high pitch. Behave normally with your dog, do not forbid him to do things that he is normally allowed to do and on the other hand do not over-spoil him and allow him to misbehave. Dogs are creatures of habit and any changes in your attitude towards them may cause them stress. If you feel unsure about how your dog is reacting to his new environment don’t hesitate and contact a dog behavior specialist.

Moving With Dogs