Packing Materials Advice

Packing and Packing materials

It is very important to understand how to prepare your goods, boxes and breakables for the movers if you have decided to pack your goods yourself.
Here is a small checklist and packing materials advice of what you will need before beginning to pack your goods: boxes of various sizes, tape, scissors, white paper, bubble wrap, labels or markers for marking breakables.
If you have decided to pack your own goods the movers will presume you will be responsible for the packing of the following: electronic equipment, breakables, glass parts and surfaces, mattresses, glass tops, boxes, kitchenware.
One more packing material advice is to pack electronic equipment you must prepare boxes of appropriate sizes. Once you place your electronic equipment (TV, DVD, VCR etc.) inside the box make sure to fill in all spaces with white paper. It is recommended to wrap televisions with bubble wrap before placing them inside the box so that the screen will not get scratched of damaged.
Try to avoid packing in oversized boxes which will become too heavy and unsafe.
Wrap all glass tops, marble tops, glass shelves, exposed glass surfaces etc. with bubble wrap. It is recommended to place glass or marble tops in boxes or to cut cardboard and tape in on the glass or marble tops.
Try to be as thorough as you can. Go room by room and mark down all the items that has glass parts, glass shelves etc. Use a box cutter to cut cardboard and place it on bubble wrapped glass and marble tops and on the screen of your television. Make sure you bubble wrap your computer and television screen before placing them in a box or cardboard crating the.
If you want to pack your mattresses yourself be sure to purchase appropriate sized mattress boxes and lace both your mattress and box spring inside.
When you are done with doing your own packing, if there are items of which you are unsure or do not have the proper materials to pack, be sure to call your mover and ask to get a price for packing these specific items.
Prepare a list of al electronic equipment, glass parts etc. which you have not packed yourself and ask your mover to include packing for these items in the price of the move.
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